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    Welcome To Safety Star


Safety Bingo

Encourage a safe workplace and reward your safe workers with fun and prizes from B-SAFE Safety Bingo.

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Safety Scoreboards

Track and display injury free days with a battery-operated digital scoreboard. Use our design or let us build it completely custom.

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Injury Tracker Posters

Injury Tracker Posters make an easy way to display how and where workplace injuries have occurred.

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For over 25 years Safety Star has developed innovative safety awareness programs and products for the workplace used by literally thousands of both large and small organizations

These programs and products include: The very popular B-SAFE Safety Bingo Program and a full selection of both stock and custom Safety Bingo Cards. In addition we have developed original cost effective digital safety scoreboards, injury trackers, safety stoplights, safety scratcher games, dry erase posters, safety mirrors, safety decals and lapel pins, all of which are designed to improve your safety results.

More Products

Dry Erase Posters

Dry Erase Posters

High quality custom dry erase posters for keeping track of injuries, time lost, or even financial goals.

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Scratch Cards

Reward safe workplace practices with scratch and win cards. Choose from 4 winning combinations for different prize levels.

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Safety Stoplights

Safety Stoplights are one of the most effective safety communications programs available. Inform your employees about the what and where of any work injury.

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Hard Hat Decals

Hard hat decals create a fun and effective way to show your personal safety awareness.

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Safety Posters

Easily remind your employees of the importance of workplace safety throughout the office or warehouse.

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Lapel Pins

Use our lapel pins as a subtle safety reminder, or to proudly display your safety record.

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Customization of nearly every product we make is always available.

Whether you’re looking to add your company’s logo or personal safety message, or desire a fully custom design, we are able to accommodate nearly all requests. You will find customization options throughout our site and catalog. Feel free to call or email with any questions or requests.