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Safety Bingo

B-SAFE™ Safety Bingo is a fun, effective way to create a safer workplace. We will provide you with an easy step-by-step guide to understanding the game and getting started. You'll find instructions, ideas, and straightforward answers to all of your questions about developing a Safety Bingo Program.

Our Safety Bingo Game is designed to improve safety awareness and promote good work practices by rewarding employees with cash or prizes when they complete a month without a game ending injury.

The B-SAFE™ Bingo Game - The game begins after all employees have been assigned to a working team. Teams are normally anywhere from 10 to 200 employees who see and talk to one another on a regular basis. Each employee is then given a B-SAFE™ card, and the game is played like regular bingo.

To win, 5 numbers in a row must be blacked out. These numbers may be horizontal, diagonal, or vertical. Each working day a B-SAFE™ number is drawn. Daily numbers are posted in a visible place like the lunchroom or on employee bulletin boards.

The game ends for all employees on a specific "working team" when one of the employees sustains an occupational injury. All other employees continue to play until a predetermined number of winners come forward.

B-SAFE™ Safety Bingo provides daily positive reinforcement for promoting safe work behavior. Employees encourage one another on their working teams to work safely in order to keep the game going and win cash or prizes.

Safety Star has the best selection and prices on Safety Bingo Programs and supplies, including Safety Bingo Cards, you will find anywhere. We can offer the lowest prices because we print all of our own materials and sell directly to our customers. We do not have to inflate prices to accommodate dealers or distributors like our competition.

There are two ways to purchase B-SAFE Safety Bingo:

1. Purchase one of our complete B-SAFE™ programs. The complete program includes easy to read instructions to run an effective safety incentive program. Additional materials can be purchased for use with any number of employees. With this option we help you set up your program.

2. Purchase the materials only. This includes B-SAFE™ cards and other items listed on the web site. Normally this is used to reorder supplies. For new customers we only recommend this option if you have previously conducted a successful bingo type incentive program and personally have time to develop the necessary promotional materials.

Dry-Erase Game Poster - B-SAFE™ Bingo's focal point is out heavy duty dry-erase Track+Wipe game posters. This new technology surface is designed for years of use and will not "ghost" with dry erase markers. Please view our Track+Wipe video below for more details.

B-Safe Programs

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